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Web Proxies: Unblock websites without installation

Welcome to the, web proxy list, a resource for web proxy users and proxy site owners. There are many reasons why people use an anonymous proxy to surf the web. If you are looking for a public proxy to use then feel free to browse from the proxy list below. You can unblock websites without any installation through a web proxy server. The proxy list is being revised regularly to add fresh information. However, if you own an online proxy server, you may submit your site to this proxy list for free and pick up a free link and traffic. provides a quality list with free proxy servers.

How does a proxy server work?

You may have heard about a proxy site and wonder why anyone would need a proxy to surf the World Wide Web. In essence a proxy site is a web application software that lets you hide your real IP address when visiting any site on the Internet. An anonymous proxy server is a special server that lets the users hide their own IP address, thus you can visit a website without any censorship or other restriction.

Web Proxy List

 Proxy Websites    Speed  Uptime  Country  Visits  Date
premium 0xproxy.comvideo
100%  US4284012/23/2013
premium proxy-youtube.netvideo
98.5%  US4975509/22/2013
100%  SE1789904/08/2017
100%  DE1768604/08/2017
ssl nlproxy.netvideo
100%  NL1058004/08/2017 
100%  CDN936804/08/2017
ssl spainproxy.netvideo
100%  ES1056104/08/2017
100%  HU1428304/08/2017
100%  DE883204/08/2017
100%  BG1944608/01/2016 
100%  CDN1521508/01/2016
100%  CDN1400308/01/2016 
100%  FR1640108/01/2016 
100%  CDN1369008/01/2016
100%  JP2806106/22/2016 
100%  FR1523606/22/2016 
100%  FR1424106/22/2016
100%  FR2435306/11/2015
100%  US2124906/11/2015 
80%  US1928706/11/2015
81.8%  US1849106/02/2015 
100%  GB1884006/02/2015
100%  US1706205/23/2015
100%  US1607505/23/2015 
84.6%  US1578605/23/2015
100%  CDN1114205/08/2015
100%  US812605/03/2015
100%  US744905/03/2015
100%  US1494504/29/2015
100%  US912704/25/2015
100%  FR991104/25/2015 
100%  GB848904/25/2015
 Proxy Websites    Speed  Uptime  Country  Visits  Date

video Video Proxy. Support video streaming sites.
ssl SSL proxy. Support SSL/TLS secure connections.

Proxy list sorted

A slow server is annoying to load graphics files and display them due to heavy server load. Find a fast proxy server and save your time. Proxy List Sorted By Speed
A proxy server requires server resources and CPU power. Many proxy servers are sometimes go down. Check out the server stability. Proxy List Sorted By Uptime
A popular proxy server has something special features you wouldn't get from the other. Fetch a list of quality proxy server to unblock some sites. Proxy List Sorted By Visits
A web based proxy server is occasionally blocked by a firewall and it's the end of proxy server. You'll always need a fresh proxy server. Proxy List Sorted By Date

Why can't I get into some proxy sites?

To prevent potential abuse, sometimes proxy webmasters block traffic from certain countries and IP to keep out spammers and scrapers. Also they often consume so much bandwidth and server resources. Try our alternate proxy server.

I can't watch videos on a proxy site.

Proxy websites don't always allow you to watch videos. The web proxy is configured to disallow streaming movies. They're eating server resources and bandwidth. Heavy advertising implemented to cover the server cost.

Why do I need a fresh proxy list?

The nature of web proxy, proxies have a short life as they are soon detected and blocked by internet filtering. To unblock your internet connection, you need a new server. The cycle is every 2 or 4 weeks but not always, it depends on your ISP.